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Snow Cloud


1.   At Shibu Pass of 2152 meters of altitude in Nagano Prefecture in Japan   (in Oct. 23, 1994)

    When I went towards the Kusatsu hot spring through the Shibu Pass (on National Highway of No. 292, altitude 2152 meters) in Oct. 23, 1994, suddenly winter monsoon began to blow and it became violent wind and snow.   Snow was piled up and land became to be covered about five centimeters of snow in a short period of time.
    No way, I did not think that I met to snow at this time.   Although the tire chain was in equipped, the tire of my car remained of normal.   So, for fear of getting stuck in the snow and in a hurry to escape from the snowstorm, there was no chance to shoot the state of the snow cover.
   When I drove the car until Shibu Pass in a hurry, sunny had come out at Shibu Pass.   However, I still saw snow cloud hanging over Mt. Kusatsu-Shirane (By the way, water vapor eruption occurred in Jan. 23, 2018.    However, it got quiet in several hours after.).     Snow cloud seen in Oct. 23, 1994 is shown in the followings.

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A tiny snow cloud
In respect to snow cloud, snowfall yields even from such a samll cloud.
Here's an example similar to this: On Fuji TV (8ch).
This is the weather phenomenon seen in Jamaica,
on the second program of "Mystery of the world!? 2 hours SP"
broadcast at 19:00 Wednesday, March 15, 2023.
A rare example of localized rain from a small cloud
And when the sun hits the rain, a rainbow is formed.

In addition, since the TV screen was once shot with a digital camera,
The furniture in the room is faintly reflected.

Snow cloud which hangs on Mt. Kusatsu-hirane
The bottom of the cloud is blurred, because it is snowing.

Snow cloud becomes extinct towards Kusatsu hot spring district
from the mountain pass in a downwind side.

2.   At Shinozu village in Hokkaido prefecture in Japan   (21 Nov., 1998)

(If clicked, you can see by expansion.)
A curtain of snow is falling slowly from snow
cloud.      A northwesterly seasonal wind is
blowing from the left to the right on the screen.

A veil of snow is falling slowly from snow cloud.

A veil of snow is falling slowly from snow cloud. (2)

A veil of snow is falling slowly from snow cloud. (3)

As we enter a veil, sudden snow becomes falling.

As we enter a veil, sudden snow becomes falling. (2)

When we went out of a veil, sudden snow stopped.

Thin veils remain in the blue sky.

Curtains or vails of snow are falling slowly from snow clouds
at Shinozu village, Hokkaido, Japan.
   Sep. 21th, 1998.

There is almost no snow in Sapporo city.    Sep. 21th, 1998.

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