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Strange Objects

(1)   What is that light? UFO?
(If clicked, you can see by expansion.)
I drew the image at that time.

   I went to Kujukuri Beach, Chiba Prefecture in Japan for the first time by driving alone from my office in Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture, on a Saturday evening, the day before my work holiday around 1985. The cold northeasterly wind blew rust, the night book fell far away in total darkness, and Kujukuri Beach under the thick, low clouds had a desolate appearance.    There is no light.
    In the headwind of darkness, I walked along the sandy beach to the shore and enjoyed the feel of seawater by touching the incoming waves. Then, return to the original position, turn around, and look at the dark ocean again.
    Suddenly, I noticed that there was a spot of orange light shining orange at a height of 50 to 100 meters from the sea surface estimated to be about 500 meters away from the sea shore in the east direction.     I say unvoiced soliloquy.     "That ?. Did you have that kind of light a while ago? It wasn't there."     It seems to be under a low cloud.     "What is that?"     My spine seems to freeze.     Is it Venus?   No, it's in the opposite direction, under a thick cloud.   Is it the light of an airplane or a helicopter?    No, It doesn't move. ???    It's like staring at me.
    Is it the light of a fishing boat?   No, it's not.   It is quite high for a fishing boat.    Besides, the sea is stormy, so there can't be a fishing boat. It's funny.   What is it?   No way, it's not a UFO.     Did the clouds break and the stars appeared over there?     No, there is no sign that the clouds are open.     It is a cloud like ink that hangs thick and low all over.     There are no blinks at all, and it looks like it is under a thick cloud. It's funny. What is it?
    Until then, I thought I was the only one, but when I looked around, I found a pair of young men and women sitting hugging each other on the dark steps at the entrance of a building like a seaside house.     The light is sideways from them, so they may not be able to see it.     I didn't feel like calling them out, and that light was eerie, so I got in the car quickly, and with that light as my back, I drove all the way toward near Asahi City through the wastelands and fields peculiar to the coast.     When I look back from time to time while driving a car, the light gradually goes away.     If that light is the light of a star, it will not go far, so it seems that the light is not the light of a star.     Also, the light doesn't look like it's moving, so it doesn't look like the light of an airplane. What the hell is that eerie light?
    While driving, my heart remained tense.
    I returned to my house at midnight.
    After all, I wonder if it was the headlight of an airplane (general aircraft or the Air Self-Defense Force aircraft) or the injection flame of the engine. ???     Or maybe it was the bright starlight seen through the clouds. ???

    In the 1980s, I think there were many encounters and witnesses with UFOs on TV, newspapers, and various books and magazines.

    Shortly before the above, in 1979, a cargo flight from Narita International Airport to Rio de Janeiro went missing at a point 40 km off Choshi, Ibaraki Prefecture (equivalent to "40 km off the coast of Kujukuri Beach mentioned above"), and it was unknown until now.     When I knew it for the first time by watching a TV program named "secret video of the world buzzing" from 19:00 to 21:00 at June 21, 2015. (Sun), I remembered the above while thinking that it was not related.

[TV broadcast of a phenomenon similar to the above]

    From 19:00 on November 17, 2021, a phenomenon similar to the above was aired in the program "What's this in the world !? Mystery SP" on Fuji TV (in Japan).     The details are as follows, taking a recording of the TV broadcast, stopping the movement instantly, and showing the image taken by the digital camera.
    When a man on the night coast of the United States was fishing at night, two orange dots as shown in the figure on the left below were shining in the lower part of the night sky in front.     Eventually, two new points were lit just above those two points (middle figure below), and the bottom two points disappeared.    It is said that the above two points are left on for more than an hour (lower right figure).    A weather and aviation expert said, "The light of a distant fishing vessel may be involved, but I don't know the correct answer."

(If clicked, you can see by expansion.)
Two orange points
suddenly appear
Two new points appear
on top of the two points
Eventually, the bottom two
points disappeared, and the
top two points continued
to shine for an hour.
The above three pictures are taken with a digital camera of the video screen aired
on Nov. 17, 2021 (Wed).

[TV broadcast like "Anywhere Door"]

    At the beginning of the program " Takeshi's Paranormal Phenomenon !? Mysterious News " from 19:00 on TV Asahi (in Japan) on Wednesday, December 01, 2021, there was a TV broadcast of a video shot in Russia where the UFO was sucked into a image that glows in a square like "Anywhere Door" (which will appear in the japanese manga "Doraemon") and disappeared. The following images are shown when the TV broadcast is recorded, the movement is stopped instantly, the image is taken with a digital camera, and the images are arranged according to the time series.
    Although you can't see in the images below, when you watch the video, you can see that the space around the UFO changes slightly like darkening when the UFO rises, and you may get the feeling that the space around the UFO is distorted.

(If clicked, you can see by expansion.)
UFO that emits light in Russia
Mottled light appears
over the UFO
Rising towards mottled light

The mottled light becomes
a square light like a door,
and the UFO rises toward it.
Immediately before the UFO
is sucked into the door
and disappears
The square door narrowed
and eventually disappeared
The above 6 pictures are taken with a digital camera
of the video screen aired on Dec. 01, 2021 (Wed).

[One cow was lifted into the air and absorbed by the UFO]

    Shown below are the screen shots of "Suddenly Floating Cows" in "Uchimura's Potential Video 'From 1980 to 2018... World Shocking Film Dalian SP'" aired on TV Asahi around 20:10 on July 18, 2023 (Tuesday) with a digital camera.
    In 1983, it was filmed that the furthest cow on the farm in Australia surfaced and was sucked into a UFO hiding behind a small cloud ? a few seconds later.    Contestants are answering about cattle abnormalities in a quiz format.

(If clicked, you can see by expansion.)
A ranch in Australia
in 1983
Contestant's answers
to the quiz
Focus on the furthest cow

Suddenly, the furthest cow
is in the air
Float further in the air
Absorbed by a UFO hidden
in a small cloud
The above 6 photos were taken with a digital camera from "Uchimura's key point video
'From 1980 to 2018... World shock video Dalian SP'" aired on TV Asahi
around 20:10 on Tuesday, July 18, 2023.

The site that seems to be the origin of this is Example 1 and Example 2.        Other similar things seem to be happening, for example Example 3 and Example 4>.

(2)    At about 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, August 01, 1965, I visited Awamata Falls in Chiba Prefecture, Japan and took a picture of it. This image is shown below left. Around 2015, I noticed a small black dot in the upper left part of the photo. This image in the lower middle is the black circle enlarged 20 times compared with the original picture on PC screen, and 4 times enlarged compared with the clicked comrades. To make it easier to see, the lower right image shows the brightness increased, the contrast increased, and the surroundings darkened. You can see that the area around this enlarged black circle looks like halation or heat haze. In addition, the inside of the black circle can be seen as a structure with a divided interior. What is this? Is dust or stains seen by chance on the UFO ?
    The direction of the waterfall is almost south of the photographer, so this entire photo is taken in backlight. So, if the black circle is really something, you are looking at shadowy backside of the object.
    Assuming that this black circle is something floating in the air, the outline blur appears to be too sharp. So, is it natural to think of it as something like a stain? Or it maybe an insect floating near the camera.
    If this were a UFO, I guess the UFO was not observing me but watching the children enjoying the waterfall slide.

(Click to enlarge)
Awamata Falls

20 times enlarged small black
circle at the top left photo
Left image adjusted with
contrast etc. for easy viewing
Awamata Falls in Chiba Prefecture, Japan    At about 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, August 01, 1965
One child to be
extracted in the
same size as the
enlarged black
circle shown
in upper middle

In August 01, 1965

    For reference, if the image of one child playing under the waterfall is extracted and is adjusted in the same size, in the same brightness, and in the same contrast as the enlarged black circle shown in upper middle, the newly image of the child can be displayed in the left.
    If the black circle is any real object, this real object will be a child's upper body size, which seems unrealistic although obvious comparison may be impossible. In other words, this black circle is more likely to be a stain or scratch on the photo.

    When you reconsider and look closely, if this is an object floating in the air, it seems that this object is quite close by comparing the degree of blurring around the object with the blurring of the surrounding landscape trees. This means that this object is at most a diameter of one meter or less and the question remains to think of it as a UFO.

    After all, it seems reasonable to think of this as an insect flying near the lens, or some kind of spot created during the fixing or development of a photo. ? ? ?

(3)    In one day evening in August 1994, I drove north on Route 152 to Lake Suwa in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. This Route 152 is a difficult road that runs along the gorge between the Southern Alps and the Ina Mountains in parallel with the Southern Alps of Japan and Tenryu River. It takes several hours because there are several impassable sections, and there are no cars going around except for some villages. The photo below shows the northern side of the root from Bungui Pass (1,400 meters above sea level).
    By the way, I noticed on November 29, 2019, what is the white blurred point slightly to the left of the middle of this photo? Until then, I thought of it as concrete or something on the slope of the mountain. However, when expanded, it appears to be floating in the air. This area was completely uninhabited and there was no wind on that day. The images shown on the right side are sequentially enlarged only the white blurred points. Is this white blurred point an error when developing or something like a baloon?
    If it were a UFO, it may be thought that the UFO was observing me and my car crossing this rough pass.

(Click to enlarge)
the northern side of the root from Bungui Pass
(1,400 meters above sea level)

On one day evening in August 1994

(Click to enlarge)
Click to enlarge to 12 times
the above figure
Click to enlarge to 60 times
the above figure

    If you look at the enlarged view shown above, it looks like a toilet.        What is this?        Its shape is similar to class_mates.     The comparison between the two is as follows.
    Though the viewing angles to them are different from each other, (1) both are double structure, (2) both of them have a dark area in the middle and (3) both of them have a dark groove on the side.     These three points seem the same.     However, I do not know if it is true.

(Click to enlarge)
Youtube image
The above image I took
Comparison between youtube image
and the above image I took

Though the viewing angles to them are different from
each other, (1) both are double structure,
(2) both of them have a dark area in the middle
and (3) both of them have a dark groove on the side.
    These three points seem the same.

    The most reliable UFO case in Japan was the Kofu UFO case in February 1975 as Kofu UFO case (case 2, case 3, case 4, case 5{derived from "backup at the Internet Archive"}, case 5, case 6, case 7, case 8) and here's YouTube on (case 9, case 10, case 11, case 12). Later, when the two boys who were involved turned about 50, they were reported as a special feature on a television station. I have seen it. You can see it in the second half of case 9 of YouTube above.

    In 2019, the U.S. Navy officially announced UFO video as "The U.S. Navy Says Those UFO Videos Are Real".     In Japan, there are several videos such as Encounter with a mysterious flying object in a summer resort (in Yamanashi Prof.)!?, Impact video of a huge UFO encountered by chance! (in Tochigi Prof.) and Encounter UFO over Hong Kong!?.     However, We do not know if it is true.
    The following is an image of each of these three YouTube videos taken on a computer screen with a pause. I don't know if it's true or forged by tricks. It looks true to the obedient.
    I have noticed one thing.     The two people in the video in Yamanashi and Tochigi can feel the same person in both.     At the stage of editing the videos of both parties, it is possible that two people have the same conversation.     Furthermore, UFO video may also be a retrofit trick.     What is the truth?

(Click to enlarge)
Yamanashi example
Tochigi example
Example over Hong Kong
An image of each of above three YouTube videos taken
on a computer screen with a pause.
(Click to enlarge)
Trick Art  "human body
experiment of aliens"
At the Tsukuba Expo Center
in Tsukuba, Japan

Feb. 6, 2020

    Until February 9, 2020, the Trick Art Exhibition was held at the Tsukuba Expo Center in Tsukuba (the Tsukuba Expo was held in 1978). Among them was an interesting art called "human body experiment of aliens" as shown in the right figure. Although there is no definite evidence, it seems that it is just a hoax, but some people talk about "I was kidnapped by a spacecraft, tested on a human body, lost memory and returned to the ground". This figure seems to be a work based on having been seen and heard from various media.

(4)    It was around 7:30 pm when I was in the student dormitory when I was working at a national school in the 1980s. After finishing the roll call of the boarder at the dormitory's cafeteria, I went out from the cafeteria to get back to each room, but one of the students walking with me asked me,

"Teacher. Have the teacher have ever seen the UFO ?." I answered "Havn't it." and asked the student, "Have you seen it?" The student said "In the meantime, at night just above this place, I saw something like a shining star moving in a zigzag fashion up, down, left and right at high speed.". When I ask, "Is it true?", I answer "Yes, it's true. It's not a lie." When I asked, "Are you not afraid?" he says, "I'm not afraid, but I was wondering what I was looking at." I drew an image of the situation that the students saw.

(5)   About genes and morphology of aliens (imagination)

(5.1)   Genes of space creature and aliens (imagination)

    The genes of all organisms on the earth (from viruses to bacteria, plants, animals) consist of DNA or RNA, and their expression is common to all organisms, so organisms on earth have common ancestors (viruses or things like amino acids?". But is it true? I thought of myself as a grouper.
    4.6 billion years have passed since the earth was created. For a long time, the chemical changes in atoms and molecules have led to the synthesis of a huge variety of chemical substances, from amino acids to proteins. Their synthesis is entirely a coincidence. Occasionally, there will be invasion of organic compounds such as amino acids when meteorites fall. Anyway, all possible chemical syntheses have been made subject to the constraints of the surrounding environment. Finally, it is an ultra-high molecular compound that takes the form of a double helix and has the function of self-replication or self-transcription by Brownian motion (thermal vibration) and the like, which can produce various amino acids, proteins, and hormones by Brownian motion, etc. I think that it happened that DNA and RNA came to be synthesized. I think this was the beginning of life. I suspect that there is no other organic substance than DNA and RNA that has a helical structure, has the function of transcription or replication, and is capable of synthesizing various amino acids, proteins, and hormones. I thought. If so, it seems that there are some organisms that can achieve life phenomena in a way that is fundamentally different from the existing ones, but such organisms do not exist. This is because all living organisms, without exception, carry out life activities by DNA or RNA.
    Furthermore, as 4.6 billion years have passed after the Earth's creation, DNA and RNA should not have been synthesized only once, so it is natural to think that they have been synthesized many times, tens of times, or countless times. Thus, if a lot of DNA and RNA were synthesized and started to act as organisms, origin of those organisms would not have only one origin. Therefore, even if the genes of the organisms on the earth are made of DNA or RNA, they do not necessarily have the same ancestors.
    The same can be said for the entire universe. For the time being, except for special celestial bodies, the composition of the universe and the morphology of atomic molecules are thought to be no different from those seen on Earth. In addition, stars with the same form as the solar system have been discovered one after another by NASA etc. in the galaxy, and it is known that a huge number of solar systems may exist by probabilistic calculation. Probability theory also shows that a percentage of them can have planets where life can exist. If there is life, and the organism that is its concrete entity, then, as inferred from the above, the gene must be made of the same DNA and RNA as the organism on earth. If such an organism exists, the alien being a higher organism is no exception. So, if there is an alien, I think that the gene of that alien must be made of the same DNA or RNA as on earth.

(5.2)   Form of alien (imagination)

    Just recently (2017), some of the secret documents released by the United States Department of Defense and by the British Air Force, such as UFO sightings, cases of emergency launch and attack of UFOs on UFOs, were released and released. After that, I started to broadcast the UFO special feature on each TV station. There are a lot of gasnetas, but some of them are thought-provoking, and I think that they are true, but on the other hand, there are expectations that they may be true. Through mass media, and as I saw many cases for each person, I came to imagine the alien as follows based on the discussion in (4.1) above.
    (i) Many of the planets inhabited by aliens may be larger than the Earth.
    (ii) Therefore, gravitational force is large, so the height of aliens may be short.
    (iii) In addition, bones and muscles may be developing to overcome the large gravity. For example, bone density is high.
    (iv) In order to withstand a large amount of gravity, a baby may be born in a shell protected by a so-called bird egg.
    However, if a UFO is a spacecraft on which an alien rides, it will take tens or hundreds of years at the speed of light to reach the earth from a planet where the alien may exist. It is very mysterious how to reach the earth.

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