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(1)    In August of 1990, we encountered the phenomenon of parhelion in the evening at Naka city, Ibaraki prefecture in Japan.   It couldn't be judged in an instant which was the true sun.

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Parhelion   in Naka, Ibaraki in JAPANin August of 1990

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After several tens of seconds from the above, parhelion has faded phantom.
This figure is close to the color of reality than the left.

(2)    Although it wasn't clear, the following parhelion was seen in Hitachinaka city, Ibaraki prefecture in Japan at 17:57 in May 25th (Wed.) in 2011.

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at 17:57
at 17:59
Parhelion   in Hitachinaka, Ibaraki in JAPANin May 25th (Wed.), 2011

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